Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Group Freebies ~ New Items on Lucky Boards @ CAVERNA OBSCURA!

Dress ~ Caverna Obscura ~ Purple Anariel Gown (Group Lucky Boards - 500L to join)
Hair ~ D!va ~ Chisato (8000 Member Group Gift! 0L)
Jewelry ~ Alchemy Immortalis ~ Ami Amet Ivy Choker (On sale, 99L) 
Boots ~ !! DragansVarg !! (notfree)
Skin ~ Curio ~ June Moonbeam Dark (notfree) 
Location ~  Caverna Obscura

Unfortunately, as I heard about the new items in the board, I also heard that the group now costs 500L to join.
There's a lot of... unhappy talk about that, but the bottom line is, for the price of one fantasy outfit, you can get a few AMAZING outfits every month from the lucky boards along with group gifts!

A couple new outfits have been added to the pot today. Here's all the outfits on the boards now!

(Newly added! Eoywn Gown is on left board only)
(Green Shroomie on left board only)
(Purple Shroom is on Right Board only)
(Newly added! Undine Gown is on Right Board only)

The boards are special ones. The item does NOT change when the timer runs out - it only changes letter. So if it's stuck on an item you want, you have an improved chance of winning! The item on the board doesn't change unless someone wins it. Also, the outfits on the board change in alphabetical order. So you can predict when an item you want will be up, and you don't have to sit camping if it's not!

The board prizes change either when the group gift for the month is put out, or whenever there's a new item update. I haven't figured it out exactly yet. But when an item or two is added, a couple older ones are bumped (usually), so don't wait too long if you want 'em!

If you find yourself camping in front of the CO LB, Goodluck and Have Fun!

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