Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Freebies & Cheapies ~ White Armory weekly GIFTS!

Aaaah, White Armory, what would my medieval wardrobe do without you! <3

I'm a bit late (just a bit!) on my first post for The White Armory, a magnificent brand that sells a plethora of medieval and formal gowns on one end, and loads of equally amazing weapons on the other.
Every week, on Sunday, The White Armory has been making one of it's gowns FREE to their loyal and loving group members! And the last couple of weeks, Bee & Colton have been adding a special 50L gown for group members as well. And the group is FREE to join!

This week's free gown is called Winterberry ~

Dress ~ The White Armory ~ Winterberry (Group gift, 0L)
Hair ~ Exile (sold @ Savoir Hair) ~ Susan, Coffee (0L)
Necklace ~ Alienbear ~ Longoria, White (past freebie)
Location ~ The White Armory, The Cathedral

Unfortunately that beautiful necklace is no longer a freebie at Alienbear, but while I was there checking  I saw a bunch of other free and cheapies not to be missed. I walked away with pearls, a silver jewelry set, and much more, for 0-10L each!

But back to The White Armory - along with the group gift, they also again set out this week a Group Cheapie! For only 50L, you can steal away the Dark Fae gown. When I TP'd in, at least ten people were prancing around the store in it!

Remember that the free and cheap gifts change usually every Sunday, early SL time! Go and grab yours now, and be ready to grab some more next week.

Thank you, Bee and Colton! You guys are, as always, amazing.
Now that I've got my group gifts, I'm off to stare at the pretty fantasy artwork in the weapons section! Particularly the androgynous elves, mmm. ~

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