Saturday, December 11, 2010

Freebies & Cheapies ~ 12 days of Christmas @ Angelwing, and moar silks!

**Angelwing** is a wonderful store, with great goods and great generosity. Today begins the 12 days of Angelwing Christmas, and an advent calender is up! Yaaaaay! Each gift will be available for one day only, and for a steal of a deal at 20L. Today's gift is a sexy little santa outfit, but I don't doubt some of these items are going to be in the fairy and silk fashions this store is becoming famous for, so I'm going to be checking back daily. The Calender is in the winter section by the Santa.

Speaking of Santa! It's older news, but this delicious store set out a bit ago a dirty little Santa that you can sit on for something either naughty or nice. The gifts for Nice boys and girls are a couple of her NEW outfits, and some of Angelwing's older ones as well. Happily for me, it seems a good deal of the prizes are silks, with some fairyesque things thrown in! Naughty boys and girls will win things like newb chew toys and psychiatric offices. You can sit on Santa once every three minutes though for a new chance to win!

I haven't won the beautiful pink Tahlia fae dress yet, but I have won a couple of very nice silks:

Silks ~ **Angelwing** ~ Oasis Silks, Champagne (Santa chair, 0L)
Hair ~ Truth ~ Janelle (Notfree)
Location ~ Tarnwald (BTB Gorean sim, visitor tag and info is at landing point!)

Silks ~ **Angelwing** ~ (Santa chair, 0L)
Hair ~ EMO-tions ~ Silence, brown (Group gift, 0L)
Location ~ EMO-tions

Silks ~ **Angelwing** ~ Love Affair Silks, Red (Santa chair, 0L)
Hair ~ EMO-tions ~ Silence, brown (Group gift, 0L)
Location ~ Trondheim

Here's a preview of one of the fairyish outfits you can win from Santa, the pink Tahlia. Don't forget to grab the two beautiful freebies hanging around the store while you're here! By the Tahlia vendor we've got one, and the other is in the formal section.

And keep looking around, because there's also a lucky chair and two Midnight Mania Boards! (One is group only - but group is free to join!) And then look around some more, because there is great stuff to buy. In addition to Fae gear, silks and slave garments, there's Gorean free-women friendly robes, medieval dress and more. I'm personally coming back when I have money for a set of her coin silks. Because I don't have enough silks.

Thank you **Angelwing**, which in one go equipped me for nearly half my fantasies! ~


  1. wow I want that pink dress! But...I cba with lucky chairs ;-)

    You have so many cute poses! :P

  2. Thanks. :D I have NO idea where they came from either! I feel bad, I want to credit them, but...

    AND ITS SO YOU AND PINK! I'd say man up and go sit on Santa, but actually just buy it, her stuff is so reasonably priced. xD