Friday, December 10, 2010

Freebies abound at FALLEN GODS INC!

FALLEN GODS INC is an incredibly amazing store, with unique and ingenious avatar designs and detail built into every beautiful pixel. They didn't need to prove to me they were awesome, but they did anyway with a load of christmas goodies.

First off, we got new skin sets on the Lucky Fortune Teller! The Crystal set is now up for you to win, if you can find someone that you get a maaagical cosmic connection of 100% with. This board says these skins will be up until 6/1/11, so you got time. Thankgoodness, because I sure am not having any luck yet. So here's a screenshot of the ad board so you can preview them in all their glory before TP'ing into the mob:

So since I can't show you an up-close shot of the skins, I'll show you my favorite Lucky Fortune prize from the past! The detail and love put into these are amazing.

Avatar ~ FALLEN GODS INC ~ Lucky Fortune Arboreal (similar avatar sold in store now)
Hair ~ Maitreya ~ Yasmin, Caramel (notfree)
Outfit ~ Little Tasta ~ Jungle Blossoms (Store no longer exists! *weeps*)
Location ~  Athan Selidor

Back to current freebeis! Second, we have a lot of beautifully crafted necklaces on the lucky chairs, with their blessedly merciful 2-minute timers.

And third, we have piles of gifts from Fallen Gods Inc and other creators under the tree!

Here's a couple of the gifts you'll find under there:

Christmas Tree Gift ~ Jack O' The Green mask from Falconrose ~

Christmas Tree Gift ~ Silks ~ White Mythic Silks by Animations Rising (Male and Female included!)
Hair ~ VIXEN Hair ~ Lush, Brown (Lucky Chair, 0L - I think the chairs have new items now though)
Wrist and anklets ~ **Angelwing** ~ Oasis Silks, Champagne (Christmas Santa Gift, 0L)
Feet ~ Mayden Couture ~ Profile Pick Gift (0L)
Location ~ Athan Selidor

So! Run to Fallen Gods Inc now, because that is a lot of good free stuff. And then take a look around, it's amazing! If you get lost (like I did), there's a free orientation hud by the entry that pretty much carries you through the store and all of it's possibilities.
At the moment, I can't think of a place better suited for catering to yummy fantasies.

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