Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Freebies ~ Elvenbreath's Key and Overt Gift!

More freebies tonight!
First off, it looks like ~*Elvenbreath*~ is holding a little hunt! TP in, and look amongst the keys scattered across the store for one marked for sale, and inside will be a christmas gift for you! I'm not sure how long this hunt will last, but I'm guessing till Christmas. Go!

Dress ~ Elvenbreath ~ Cinnamon (Hunt gift, 0L)
Hair ~ 3636 ~ Noella, black (Christmas gift under the tree, 0L)
Feet ~ Mayden Couture ~Profile Pick Gift (0L)
Earrings ~ Tekeli-li ~ Lantern Earrings (1L)
Jewelry ~ Tekeli-li ~ Inanna (Notfree)
Ears ~ Plastik ~ Animalistic, Plain (Notfree)
Skin ~ F'd Up ~ Elai (Store no longer exists)
Location ~ the Hollow Earth, outside Tekeli-li

I'm not sure why I'm a dark-haired faerie drow, but lets go with it. I feel preettyyy, oh soo preettyyy! Elvenbreath is also going to be holding another color-specific 50% off sale this next week, on RED this time! It's not up yet, but I'll post when it is!

You can't tell really well from the pictures, but the eyes I'm wearing in these pics are different from what I normally wear. They're freebies from the amazing Ibanez Eyes, which can be found under the christmas tree at Evie's Closet! Ibanez Eyes is one of the best ~ especially for fantasy ~ eye stores on the grid. If you like eyes and things, definitely be sure to stop by Evie's christmas tree. For more info on the gifts at Evie's, check this post!

Also, while wandering around, I found an awesome store and in it was an awesome free dress. Go!

Dress ~ Overt ~ Patterns Gift Dress (0L)
Backpack ~ Everwind ~ Travellers Backpack (0L)
Hair ~ 3636 ~ Noella, black (Christmas gift under the tree, 0L)
Location ~ Everwind (Fantasy RP realm, info and pack at landing!)

My, was Everwind pretty. I didn't get to take a long look before I crashed to death - might've been shadow's fault, alas - but it looked amazing. One more RP sim added to my LM folder! Also, go to Tekeli-li and visit the Hollow Earth. Everyone needs to go at least once. It's one of my favorite places to go and just... sit. It's so interesting.

Now go forth and gobble freebies, little ones, and make your own little fantasies!

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