Sunday, December 12, 2010

Freebies ~ Tiara & Other Gifts from EVIE'S CLOSET!

Evie's Closet is a store full of ethereal gowns and fae outfits ~ some even for men! ~ good for many a fantasy occasion. I think my first fairy outfit came from here, actually, a gift given out maybe two years ago, and it's still one of my favorites! And, awesome that Evie's Closet is, this gift is still available. Just click on the subscribo, and it's delivered! Stay in it, too, for news on updates and gifts from this amazing designer.

Dress & Wings ~ Evie's Closet ~ Apple Fairy (Subscribo gift, 0L)
Hair ~ Analog Dog ~  Baby Cocoa (Hiding in the bubbles, 0L)
Mushroom Jewelry ~ Caverna Obscura ~ Mushroom Faerie Outfit (notfree)
Shoes & ears (modified) ~ Caverna Obscura ~ Shroomie Avatar, Purple (Group Lucky Board, 500L to join group)
Location ~ Outside The Arcanum

Also, there's a cute little Christmas tree up, and under it are a few presents just for you! Evie's presents are beautiful star tiaras ~

Alsooo! If you're new, or know anyone new (under 30 days old), guide them to Evie's Closet! There's free new resident presents next to the subscribo. I've heard there's some pretty silks and a gown or two, amongst other things! Then they hit the subscribo and viola! They can begin living out their SL Fantasies in style. ~

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