Friday, December 17, 2010

Freebies & Cheapies ~ Gift from ARWEN'S! And Elvenbreath Sale!

I logged in this morning to an AWESOME surprise from one of my favorite stores, !** Arwen's Creations **!
I put on my group tag (free to join!) and TP'd to the store, and above the Free Women Starter Kit gift was another gift - One of Arwen's gorgeous new cloaks in an exclusive holiday red!

Cloak ~ !**Arwen's Creations**! ~ Biera Hood, red (Group gift, 0L)
Dress ~ Madison's Creations ~ Medieval Gown (0L)
Location ~ ViGo Market

SO PRETTY! Thank you Arwen! <3
It comes with different hood and fuzz options. It's absolutely gorgeous, and is tempting me to buy all of the other newly released cloaks! Actually, it's tempting me to buy one of everything in that store. Arwen's gowns and accessories are beautiful and detailed, and have very merciful price tags!

Another good store also had good news - Elvenbreath is celebrating a new release with a 50% off sale this week on all things white! All sale items are marked by a lil gold heart.
So if you were planning on shopping at Elvenbreath and buying, say, the ethereal Linume Dress, now would be a good time! Here's a small taste of what's waiting for you at ~*Elvenbreath*~

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