Monday, December 27, 2010

Freebies & Cheapies ~ White Armory AND LITTLE TASTA IS BACK!

Okie, before I post White Armory's weekly gift and cheapie, I have wonderful news for the fantasy fashion world in SL.

I, for one, have always looked forward to updates from Haven Designs; but NOW I'm going to be stalking them outright, for Little Tasta's designer Etana Vella has joined forces with them! Little Tasta was my favorite store in the short time they existed, and when they left the grid they left a hole in my beauty-loving heart. So when I found out she joined the already awesome designers at Haven designs, I was ecstatic! Her prim work, textures, and designs are... alfkdjalsd.
Haven Designs has already re-released one of Etana's designs... the jungle blossoms/elven love set! So the outfit you saw me blog here (and once again down below, because it's so awesome,) is once again available on the grid, woo!

Top/Skirt/Necklace/Hair flower ~ Haven Designs ~ Jungle Blossoms, green (notfree - but available again!)
Hair (with hairband) ~ Maitreya ~ Lauren, almond (Subscribo gift, 0L)
Boots ~ Atalante ~ (part of) Honey Set (Camp chair, 0L)
Makeup ~ Glamorize ~ Back to Basics, green (10L fatpack)
Arm Bracer and belts ~ Firefall ~ (part of) Robin Outfit (past lucky chair gift)
Bra & Panty straps ~ May's Soul ~ (part of many of their outfits)
Ears ~ Plastik ~ Animalistic, Plain (Notfree)

Loooooove. I also especially love Glamorize, and their very affordable yet pretty makeup.
Just so you know, Phoenix and Firefall ~ both are in the same shop ~ have four lucky chairs with loads of awesome outfits and accessories in various themes. 'Robin' isn't in the chair anymore from what I can tell, but while checking the store for updates I won myself two other awesome huntress-like outfits. \o/

Ok, weekly White Armory medieval goodies! As usual, The White Armory has put out a free group gift dress, and a 50L group cheapie dress. Yaay! Thank you Bee and Colton!

Dress ~ The White Armory ~ (Group gift, 0L)
Hair ~ *ARGRACE* ~ Moonlight, light brown (Group gift, 0L)
Location ~ Quality Designs

The pretty hair is part of a free fatpack for joining the ARGRACE group, which is free to join! The fatpack comes with earmuff hairs too. It's the group's limited winter gift, so grab it quick. The same probably applies to Maitreya's subscribo gift! Join quickly and run to the history and grab your gift, and then stay in for more.

And here's a peak at the weekly TWA steal! For only 50L, this normally 900L gown can be YOURS ~

If Bee didn't make new gowns every week, I'd be worried we might receive the whole store in freebie or gift soon!

Thanks you to all the lovely designers who've been so generous this holiday season! My inventory is bursting with amazing gifts.

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