Thursday, December 09, 2010

Freebies ~ Christmas @ Solange! & Free Mayden Couture Feet ~

Solange! Has put out some Christmas Freebie silks! I absolutely love the silks this brand puts out, so when I saw in group notices there was some Christmas freebies I ran to the store. There's also a couple discounted Christmas-y silks and boots on sale right next to the freebies!

Silks ~ Solange! ~ Red Christmas Silks (0L)
Feet ~ Mayden Couture ~Profile Pick Gift (0L)
Rope Arm/Ankle/Collar ~ BINA ~ Flaminium Camisk Accessories (Store no longer exists :(! )
Hair ~ Maitreya ~ Yasmin, Caramel (notfree)
Location ~  Tigereye & Rhapsody Designs

The silks come in three Christmassy colors - Red and white, Green and white, and white! Run over to Solange! now to grab your copy.

Probably my favorite addition to most of my fantasy outfits is my little prim feet. The pack of beautifully shaped and textured prim feet came with three different base skintones, and pretty black anklets. BUT they're also MOD, meaning you can tint them to perfectly match your skin or remove the anklets and add your own.

Yep, FREE.
Just add Mayden Couture to your picks, and check back for your free gift!

Now go grab yourself free sexy silks and feet, and have a fun little slave fantasy tonight. ;)


  1. ooo awesome feet!

    You find the best stuff!!

    LY xx

  2. Aww shh~
    They ARE awesome feet!
    LY MORE <3