Thursday, December 09, 2010

Freebies ~ HUNTS! Carima & Slave Council ~

I've got two December-long Medieval & Gorean -themed hunts for you today! What better and more affordable way to stock on fantasy roleplay gear?

First up is the Carima Third Birthday & Christmas Hunt. Carima is a gorgeous German Medieval RP realm of 7 sims. It's market has a number of amazing roleplay stores, some of which are participating in this hunt!

From Dec 4 - 31st, 2010.
Start Location: Carima Mittelalter Rollenspiel S, Carima Avalon
You're looking for a bell, just like the one on the hunt sign above!

I may post all of the hunt gifts later, but for now let me show you the one from the amazing Gorean/Medieval outfitter ViGo, whose stall you'll find in the market:

Outfit ~ Vigo ~ Elaine (Female hunt gift at Carima, 0L)
Makeup ~ .:Glamorize:. ~ Soft Smoke (fatpack only 10L!)
Hair ~ Truth ~ Janelle (notfree)
Location ~ Carima Valley

Outfit ~ Vigo ~ Pendragon (Male hunt gift at Carima, 0L)
(note! this armor did NOT fit this lil female body right out of the box.)
Sword ~ Super Posessed ~ Fenrir's Tooth (0L)
Hair ~ Analog Dog ~  Ash Ash (Hiding in the bubbles, 0L)
Location ~ Carima Elwyne

There's both a women's and a men's gift in ViGo's little bell, and they're both breathtaking. That armor is now my favorite armor. Both sets have a lot of pieces to mix and match, and there's a lot more possibilities than I'm showing!
Here's an upclose on some of the details:

UPDATE: My favorite freebie resource blog has blogged all the Carima hunt gifts! Go to SL Freebie Hunters to check out all the awesome roleplay items you can pick up!

AND, another RPish hunt going on is the Slave Council XMAS Hunt!

From Dec 1 - 31st, 2010
Start Location: Sins of Passion
Looking for a little prim candy cane!

For perfect and amazing preview pics, see my favorite blog in the world - the SL Freebie Hunters!


  1. My blog is not your favourite? T_T


    Love you! Great pictures.

  2. You know you're my favorite, but they show me all the hunt items going on so I don't have to hunt. xD

    TY Dahling! Even though I know you're lying to be a nice friend. <3

  3. Ive picked up all 25 hunt items (cant find 26) and none of them are the male armour or female 'Elaine' outfit...which is all I wanted :(

  4. I'm really sorry to hear that. :(
    I went to the sim to see if it was where I last saw it, but it's moved; my friends couldn't find it either, so I'm wondering if it was accidentally taken out. I'll be sending a note to ViGo's owner to ask if they know if it's there. I'll come back and post an update when I find out!

  5. GOOD NEWS! ViGo's bell, #26, is back up! It was accidentally taken down. But now it's back in the game, and the hint is the same as before - "You found it, maybe you are the best, now sit down and take a rest."
    Goodluck and have fun with the beautiful gifts! :)