Thursday, December 16, 2010

Freebies ~ Arwen's FREE Free Women! ~

I love my fantasy as much as the next nerd, but when it comes to my Gorean RP, I am very By-The-Books. One of my pet peeves is Free Women who do not dress or act like it. I know a lot of outfitters don't make clothes more conservative than a tavern wench, but there are options, girls!
In fact, the best and most amazing option - to simply add a touch of modesty and elegance to your favorite outfits - is an easy and FREE option!

BEHOLD! FREE and RECOLORABLE modesty underwear sets for Free Women and other modest women on the grid, courtesy of the absolutely amazing designer at !** Arwen's Creations**! ~

Both sets are included ~ the light, pretty silky set and the warm, course woolen set. Mix and match as you please, as you may only need an undershirt, or just a veil. And it's not just for Goreans; I've used this prettily patterned underwear without the veils and scarves to modest-up some of my medieval dresses too!
The prims are scripted to change color, but all pieces are fully modify, so you can recolor and tint to perfectly match your favorite dresses and outfits! Here's some examples of Gorean Free Woman-friendly outfit modifications:

Outfit ~ Tyranny Designs/Grixdale ~ Eliza, Sky (Fantasy store currently unavailable)
Hair ~ Truth ~ Janelle (Notfree)
I bring honor to my family and my caste!
Veil, Scarf, Undershirt ~ !**Arwen's Creations**! ~ Free Women Starter Kit (0L)

Waaah I want to be free and respected but I am only a natural slave!
Outfit ~ Gor Gurls ~ Liberty, red (notfree)
Hair ~ Maitreya ~ Yasmin, Caramel (notfree)
That's "Mistress" Slave, to you!
Veil, Scarf, Undershirt ~ !**Arwen's Creations**! ~ Free Women Starter Kit (0L)
Jewelry ~  Mariposa (on xstreet only) ~ Aubade, Pearl (notfree)

Of course, the level of modesty required in free women varies from town to town - some don't care if you're slave-like if you're a peasant, some don't require headscarves, some require even more bulk to hide your figure, some don't allow you to go outside alone if you're higher caste, etc - most do agree on these things: Non-see-through face veils, covered torsos and arms, and hidden legs.

The Free Woman Starter Kit also comes with a red wool dress, and lots of different caste shawls too! Here I am sporting the colors of the Scribe, my favorite caste ~

Scribe's Caste Shawl ~ !**Arwen's Creations**! ~ Free Women Starter Kit (0L)
Hair ~ Exile (sold @ Savoir Hair) ~ Susan, Coffee (0L)
Outfit ~ **Angelwing** ~ FW Dress, Spring Blue (old MM gift)

And last but not least, we have a Christmas freebie hair wreath!

PHEW! That's a lot of goodies. Thank you, Arwen!

There's nothing better than adding a little variety and spice to your fantasies, and with an internet teeming with slaves and panther girls, I'd say RPing a Free Woman in the world of Gor is the way to go! Especially since getting the clothes for it is now as easy as TPing away. ~

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