Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Freebies ~ RP Realm Gifts!

Newbies these days are SPOILED! Spoiled, I tell you! Back in my day, we wore freebie dungeon non flexi MS paint wings and bling eyeballs and system skirts, and RPed uphill both ways!
No, but seriously. I've been digging through a lot of RP realms lately and I've noticed they all set out a lot of freebies that are actually very nice! I took the boxes of freebs half expecting to be blinded as soon as I rezzed the box to open it (the freebie dungeons scarred me), but I was very wrong, and I'm very glad I was! Here's a couple of things I've found so far that I love: ~

Dress ~ Mystara (landing) ~ Saltorello Blue & Brown Dresses (0L)
Hair ~ Boon ~ Hair OCI185 Mat (0L)
Shell Jewelry ~ Fire Storm Creations ~ Shells of Ua, White & tan (Notfree)
Location ~ Pirate Island of Jabberwock (Pirate RP sim, info at landing!)

The Saltorello dress comes with both a blue and brown corset & skirt, which I've mixed and matched. Thanks, mysterious creator of Mystara! 
And below, we have a male and female RP outfit from Everwind ~

Outfits ~ Everwind (landing) ~ Sean (men's) and Grace (Women's) (0L)
Hair ~ D!va ~ Chisato, Cat's Eye (Former group gift, more gifts and Lucky Boards up now though!)
Necklace ~ Fire Storm Creations ~ Shells of Ua, White & tan (Notfree)
Location ~ Mirromere

The outfits free at Everwind are done by (I think) Fantasia of Fantasia & Elements, who are absolutely amazing. (Are they one store? Two stores? Peanut butter and jelly? If I'm being honest... no idea) I could've guessed it was them when I first put it on and saw the beautiful, unique design and delicious textures. I stared at that dress for ten minutes before thinking I should maybe take a picture, heh. It's now moved to a permanent spot in my inventory, in my RP dresses folder! Yaaay!

Thank you to the creators who've made these available to us! Also, thanks to the sims who're open to visitors and provide so much info and help and, in these cases, beautiful freebies to fantasy and roleplayer geeks like me!

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