Sunday, December 26, 2010

Freebies ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS! From Knickknack, ImmateriA, and more!

WOO! Merry after Christmas, guys! I've just got back from my family and pumpkin pie and presents to a pile of SL friends and prim kurisumasu keki and almost equally delightful presents! Sorry the pictures below are kindof poor - I wanted to get the limited time gifts up asap!

First up! Make sure you hit up Evie's Closet and Fallen Gods Inc for their Christmas present piles under their trees. Fallen Gods Inc in particular has added even more - including gifts from Wasabi Pills and Rfyre!

Here's a Christmas special Discount gown from Knickknack ~

Dress ~ Knickknack ~ Margaret, red (Christmas Special, 100L)
Hair ~ Analog Dog ~ Joy, dirty blonde (Christmas gift, 0L)
Eyes ~ Ibanez Eyes ~ Tranquil Eyes, Walnut (Gift under tree @ Evie's Closet 0L)
Necklace ~ Alchemy Immortalis ~ Amaranthus Diminue (Survey gift, 0L)
Bracelet ~ Exodi ~ Aubrey Bangles (old Advent Calender gift)

I've been eyeing the Margaret gowns among others at Knickknack, so when I saw this one was on sale I jumped on it. The textures are absolutely stunning.

Also, that hair is a beautiful free gift from Analog Dog... and comes with a variety of hairbases to go with! Right next to this gift is also a fatpack of hairbases in a variety of colors... and they're MOD!!!!1 Meaning, they can be tinted to match almost any hair color you've got. A lot of my hair looks pretty bad without a hairbase, and I haven't been able to find a good fatpack of moddable hairbases yet, so this is by far my favorite christmas gift from SL! Thank you Analog Dog! Here's a closeup of the hairbase and the pretty free eyes from Ibanez ~

And below we have a delightfully dirty peasant dollarbie outfit from Knickknack that you can pick up even if you can't get the gorgeous Margaret dress: ~

Outfit ~ Knickknack ~ Mildred (1L)
Hair ~ ChiChickie ~ Merry, Brunette (Christmas gift, 0L)

The more I look around the quaint store of Knickknack, the more I'm loving it. They have a lot of beautifully made medieval and/or gorean designs, and I've added a few of them to my to-buy list.
The hair there is also a freebie; I'd join ChiChickie's subo along with Analog Dog if you love hair, especially free hair. ;)

And last but not least for this post, a badass demon/succubus avi from ImmateriA!

Don't you wish your demon was hot like me?
Avatar (skin, horns, hooves, tail, ears) ~ ImmateriA ~ Christmas Krampus (Christmas gift, 0L)
Hair ~ Discord Designs ~ EFB01, black (Subo gift, 0L)
Outfit/Jewelry ~ YESS Designs ~ Dark Mysterious (0L)

This badass avatar looks unisex from the torso design, and optional facial hair. Big thanks to ImmateriA for throwing this under their Christmas tree! I'm wearing the equally badass FLEXIOMG dread hair that Discord Designs sent out to their subscribo, and it's still in there if you run and join and dig through the history! (Thankyooou Discord Designs for sending it out, even though not all 1000 had sold exaaaactly on the cut off date. ;) It's now one of my favorite rando-hairs!)

Remember a lot of these freebs are temporary Christmas gifts, so run along quick before you miss out on some amazing gear for your little fantasies!

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