Thursday, December 30, 2010

News ~ << Discord >> Closing!

Sad news! The crazy awesome sim << Discord >> will be closing on January 5th, according to my semi-reliable sources *coughserenitycough*. The sim is full of stores by Japanese creators, most of which won't exist when Discord closes. There's clothes, shoes, hair, skins, everything... but my favorite part is - of course! - the fantasy section! (I also like the little weapons section)

I haven't seen anything over 99L. You should check it out and see if there's anything there that you can't live without, in case the sim goes capoot!

Prim Armor ~ << Discord >> ~ ESU Armor (99L)
Cape, Shirt & Pants ~ Mystic Hope ~ Leaves (Previous camp item, notfree now)
Boots ~ Super Possessed ~ (part of) Marauder (Lucky chair, 0L)
Makeup ~ Glamorize ~ Back to Basics, green (10L fatpack) 
Hair ~ Truth ~ Michelle, mocha (Notfree)
Ears ~ Plastik ~ Animalistic, Plain (Notfree) 

Nearby there's a wall of weapons too, but for the most part the rest is Japanese fashion.
Also near the tp point, there's a pile of gifts for group members, and it's free to join!

I will miss << Discord >>! Besides their awesome stuffs, I always loved running around their eerie sim and staring at all the glowy things.

Now run along and contribute to your fantasies with cheap Discord gear!

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