Monday, January 03, 2011

Blog closing. :(

The New Year has come!
Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for my online social and gaming life, the new year has brought with it a third job that I was not expecting. Yay for my wallet! I've also inherited a few other real life responsibilities that'll keep me tied up for a while. I've noticed in the last few days that I'm not really able to balance my new work load, new family obligations, gaming, second life, and sleeping. So one of the things I'm cutting is some second life time and this blog. Fortunately it hasn't been up for too long, so there shouldn't be lots of people disappointed!

If you stumble here later on looking for fantasy and roleplay fashion and freebies, here's some quick freebie advice:
  • Browse The Directory!
    • In addition to being quality fantasy apparel stores, most of these have freebies, hunts, group gifts and/or lucky chairs!
  • Explore a Lot! 
    • Do an inrealm search for your favorite roleplay scenario, or fashion style! Sims have free gear as often as stores. The best things to find store-wise are Malls, so you can browse lots of usually related stores at once!
    • Do a marketplace search on "Elven" or "Gorean" or what have you, and find stores you might've never seen in world, or even stores that aren't in world yet!
    • Save landmarks of good stores, or places with lucky chairs to revisit, in a special "fantasy store" or "freebies" folder so you can find them easily again, and for sharing with friends!
  • Visit blogs!
    • There's some fantasy blogs listed to the left, and those blogs will have links to more blogs which'll have links to more blogs! Also, not usually fantasy, but the best blog resource for freebies/cheapies is this blog feed which lists, I think, every freebie/cheapie SL blog on the internet: SL Freebeis Cheapies Luckchairs & Hunts!
  • Join Store Subos & Groups!
    • If you find a great store that you'd buy lotsa stuff from if you could, join their subscribo. If they have an in world group that gives exclusive gifts or discounts, join that instead. (And leave the subscribos for stores you will never visit again! No point in IM capping yourself with spam)
    • Even if it's a free-to-join group, don't leave it to bounce around! Great stores often change to having an enrollment fee, which is fair if they're giving away awesome gifts. If you're full on groups, keep the ones you most want to hear updates from and get gifts from, and ditch the ones you are least likely to visit or buy from. Hopefully LL will give us 40 groups instead of 25 soon!

Good luck and have fun with your fun and fantasies, in realm or out of it!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Cheapies & Freebies ~ Mystic Sky Sale and LOTSA Lucky Gifts!

Scroll down for the freebies from DEVIANCE, Pheonix Design & Firefall, and MYSTICHOPE!
First though, news on a quick little sale at ~Mystic Sky~ till January 5th! All blue, white, and silver items will be 50% off! Here's a little taste of what's waiting for you there ~

Does every fantasy store have a version of the Mord Sith? notcomplainin
~Mystic Sky~ also updated their Lucky Chair! If you have the patience, you can win Raven in blue for free: ~

The chair changes letters every 10 minutes. Goodluck!

(un)Lucky chairs/boards/mushrooms/santas are one of the richest sources for freebies in SL. Besides the prolific hunts.
And really, who doesn't sit still for large amounts of time doing something or another? I bet you do at least one of these things on a regular basis:
  • Sit and hang with friends
  • Sit and watch movie/shows
  • Sit and read/write/draw/create
  • Sort through your inventory and make outfits
Soo... why not park your avi somewhere you can win FREE STUFF?
I like to sit at a lucky-thing and read or write while waiting, so that I can add to my fantasies and roleplays with ideas and stories, but also add to it with new clothes and accessories!

* Deviance *

Here we've got one chair on a mercifully short 5 minute timer! Four items on the chair, three of which are fantasy related ~

It didn't take me long to win everything on the chair. And boy, are those outfits yummy.

Also nearby, there's an apple bob (Lucky Dip)! You can try it once every three minutes while waiting for the letter to turn on the lucky chair. There's a few nice prizes you can win, including the gorgeous Blue Bell ~

And don't forget to hit the subscribo, and grab the two freebies under it!


Phoenix Design & Firefall

Over at Phoenix and Firefall you'll find a few lucky chairs too. There's two chairs from Phoenix set on 10 minute timers, and two from Firefall on 20 minute timers. There's a few accessory sets, outfits, eyes, and even a motorcycle on the chairs. Here's some of the fantasy-related prizes:

There's also an MM in the back ~ that honestly, I haven't seen locked in months since it hasn't changed in a while and everyone's gotten it, but would be well worth the fight! ~ and a room with some freebies, namely some jewelry!


MysticHope Design

There's three chairs here - one with men's outfits, one with women's, and one with fantasy eyes. The outfit chairs are 20 minute timers, the eyes 10 minutes. There's six outfits in each chair in a few colors each, totaling to about 24 outfits in the men's chair and even more in the women's. Here's just a few of the prizes: ~

One of my favorite outfits for a while came from camping here - the men's leave in green that I posted here. The green Leave outfit isn't in the male chair this time around, but it is in WHITE!
Also, by the chairs is a freebie box with the soullight outfit in white for girls and boys to pick up.


If you're new to lucky chair camping, here's some honest helpful hints:
~ Bring something to do! Stay busy, and don't leave the lucky chairboardsanta until you win something. ~
~ Join a lucky chair or game calling group, to help speed the chair to your letter and prize!
~ Be patient, and don't even think about whining! Be a man!
~ Always be courteous to others camping. Fellow campers make great friends, and formidable enemies.
~ Turn down your graphics when there's competition, and learn to click fast!
~ If someone with your letter is there first, let them have it and go camp somewhere else for now.
Play nice, and have fun!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Freebies ~ The Benefits of Exploring = FREE STUFF!

WOO Happy New Year, folks! Today I bring you some cool random freebies I found while exploring, looking for more fantasy RP stores for myself and The Directory. I think at this point, every store in the grid has a freebie or two, and the fantasy realm is no exception!

Dress & Wings ~ Simply Fae ~ Nim Fairy Dress (0L)
Hair ~ Exile ~ Artemis, Angel Dust (Christmas gift, still there! 0L)
Hair Wreath ~ Simply Fae ~ Autumn Hairwreath & Hairband (0L)
Makeup ~ Skinthesis ~ Eyeshadow (minipack) (25L)
Ivy Accessories ~ *~*Illusions*~* ~ Hedera Vine Silks (NOTfree)
Location ~ Oubliette

Dress ~ Junbug ~ Skylar (Monthly gift, 0L)
Hair ~ Exile (sold @ Savoir Hair) ~ Susan, Coffee (0L)
Scarf ~ Gor Gurls ~ (part of) Gor Gets Dark, violet (Lucky Chair, 0L)

This is how this outfit would look if it were steampunk.
This free dress from Junbug would be cute with some torn accessories for a she-urt, or a happy and cute but dirty peasant. However, when I saw it, my first thought was cute steampunk. Moar oil stains and metal! Unfortunately, when I dug through my inventory for bronze gears accessories and things, there was literally nothing. I fail, I'm sorry!

To make up for that, here is a picture of a pretty free dress.

Dress ~ *M* ~ Lady in Waiting (0L)
Hair ~ *ARGRACE* ~ Moonlight, platinum (Christmas Group gift, still available! 0L)

Woo! I would encourage everyone to go out and explore, because these are the types of things you can find. What better way to contribute to your roleplay fantasies than to glean free items while you explore new environments and sims and glean ideas?

See you next year! Harharhar~

Thursday, December 30, 2010

News ~ << Discord >> Closing!

Sad news! The crazy awesome sim << Discord >> will be closing on January 5th, according to my semi-reliable sources *coughserenitycough*. The sim is full of stores by Japanese creators, most of which won't exist when Discord closes. There's clothes, shoes, hair, skins, everything... but my favorite part is - of course! - the fantasy section! (I also like the little weapons section)

I haven't seen anything over 99L. You should check it out and see if there's anything there that you can't live without, in case the sim goes capoot!

Prim Armor ~ << Discord >> ~ ESU Armor (99L)
Cape, Shirt & Pants ~ Mystic Hope ~ Leaves (Previous camp item, notfree now)
Boots ~ Super Possessed ~ (part of) Marauder (Lucky chair, 0L)
Makeup ~ Glamorize ~ Back to Basics, green (10L fatpack) 
Hair ~ Truth ~ Michelle, mocha (Notfree)
Ears ~ Plastik ~ Animalistic, Plain (Notfree) 

Nearby there's a wall of weapons too, but for the most part the rest is Japanese fashion.
Also near the tp point, there's a pile of gifts for group members, and it's free to join!

I will miss << Discord >>! Besides their awesome stuffs, I always loved running around their eerie sim and staring at all the glowy things.

Now run along and contribute to your fantasies with cheap Discord gear!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Freebies ~ Fun at the MARKETPLACE Part 2!

As promised, here's more of my fantasy finds on the marketplace. First up is a delicious set of men's (oooh!) silks!

Outfit ~ ARIMAN ~ Promo Silks, white (5L)
Feet ~ Mayden Couture ~Profile Pick Gift (0L)
Collar ~ OpenCollar ~ Plain Collar (0L - all styles, all scripted, are free)
Eyes ~ Ibanez Eyes ~ Soft Glow, Chione Light, prim (0L - christmas gift @ Evie's Closet that's still up! GO QUICK)
Hair ~ MADesigns Hair ~ Cruz CP II (Previous group gift, notfree now)
Location ~ Elven Tower that's FREE from House of Alcott!

I'm strongly opposed to making myself a men's set of skin and shapes and whatnots, so you'll just have to deal with me cross-dressing! But isn't that outfit stunning? There's also a girl's freebie sold by ARIMAN, which looks similar but is less bulky and blue. Grab that here. In fact, ARIMAN has a lot of nice silks, all nicely priced. I hope they get an inworld store open soon! Digging through the marketplace has been fun, but it doesn't compare to in world exploring.

As for the gorgeous boy hair, it's not free anymore... but in addition to a hunt or two always running at KMADD, you can also grab other gorgeous free hair and eyes by them at FabFree's headquarters

Kilt ~ MANIAC Mainstore ~ Crusher Kilt (0L)
Bow ~ <SS> Sandy Sage ~ Left Handed Recurve Bow (0L)
Eye Scar ~ Overt ~ (notfree)
Arm belts ~ Firefall ~ (part of) Robin Outfit (past lucky chair gift, notfree)
Bangles ~ Wasabi Pills ~ Lux Bracelets (Past hunt gift, notfreenow)
Necklace ~ Caverna Obscura ~ (part of) Mushroom Dress (Past lucky board gift, notfree)
Shoulder/Arm armor ~ May's Soul ~ (part of) Warrior Girl (Past MM gift, notfree)
Hair ~ MADesigns Hair ~ Mark RD I (Past hunt gift, notfree)
Ears ~ Plastik ~ Animalistic, Plain (Notfree)

I found this awesome kilt on the marketplace, and it led me to a pretty cool store on the grid that has a lucky chair and a couple MMs to hit up.
The bow is AWESOME and FREE! I didn't know where I'd gotten it, and spent almost an hour going in circles on the grid until it occurred to me to check the marketplace. I'm glad I did - because Sandy Sage has a couple other free RP weapons!

Sorry, a lot of that other stuff isn't free anymore. :(!
However! May's Soul, Phoenix & Firefall, Caverna Obscura, and MADesigns all have lots of gifts still available like those ones. May's Soul has four lucky boards and two camps and an Midnight Mania board for different fashionably gorean outfits; Phoenix & Firefall have four lucky chairs and an MM for fantasy outfits and accessories; Caverna Obscura has two group lucky boards (free for customers to join) for fantasy outfits; and of course MADesigns has lots of hunts and a free gift at the FabFree headquarters.

Camisk ~ SKE Design ~ Free Camisk Pack (1L)
Collar ~ OpenCollar ~ Plain Collar (0L - all styles, all scripted, are free)
Hair ~ Truth ~ Janelle (Notfree)

And here we have one of a pack of four cute camisks for nearly-free on the market! The color above is darkred. There's a modest bra and panty layer included for the squeamish, like me.

That's not all! Well, that's all for the pictures, but here's some links to a couple more freebs not pictured in the last couple posts.

~ 1L Blue Silks ~
~ 1L Green Silks ~
~ 5L Blue Silks ~
~ Free MEN'S Yellow Silks ~
~ Free Red Christmas Silks ~
~ Free Black & Gray Silks ~
~ Free White Silks ~
~ Free Blue Silks ~

I much prefer running around in world, but the marketplace is undoubtedly an awesome resource. There's a lot of creators that can't afford numerous outlet stores and advertising, or even one store, and I know a lot of places I would never have found if it weren't for the marketplace.
A huge thanks to these creators for putting their goods out there for us, especially for free!

Freebies (shittons!) ~ Fun at the MARKETPLACE!

I was browsing through the marketplace for freebies the other day, and found a few fantasy related ones I had to share. Some of these might be old news; but if some where new to me, then hopefully some will be new to you too!

Arrgh, alpha prims... must... die...!!
Cloak ~ Staccato Strom (SS) ~ Master's Cloak (1L)
Belt ~ Staccato Strom (SS) ~ Master's Belt (1L)
Boots ~ Duh! ~ Pirate Boots, black (0L - Men's flat or women's heeled in lotsa colors!)
Hair ~ Analog Dog ~ AD Hairbase, brown (0L)
Eyepatch ~ Port Obello ~ Pirate Eye Patch (0L)
X Pasties ~ Canimal ~ (part of) T0RN (0L)
Eye Scar ~ Overt ~ (notfree)
Corset & Pants ~ Chaospire ~ Black Rose (Notfree, but half off this month!)

Note! CANIMAL is closing soon, and all the store is currently 50L and under, along with their old table of freebies you'll find T0RN at. They're more emopunk than fantasy, lol, but still. They were the first store I ran into after joining, besides the freebie dungeons. :'(
Both the belt and cloak are free from the marketplace store by SS! That was an awesome find, and Staccato Strom has a lot of other dollarbies too! One of which is the dirty silks set: ~

Silks ~ Staccato Strom (SS) ~ Dirty Silks (1L)
Feet (not including rope anklets) ~ Mayden Couture ~Profile Pick Gift (0L)
Rope accessories ~ BINA ~ (part of) Flaminium (Store gone! :(! )
Hair ~ Maitreya ~ Yasmin, Caramel (notfree)
My house furnishings ~ No idea.

These dirty, dirty silks are actually very awesomely made, and well worth the whole one linden. AND they're not the set you can steal! There's also a gorgeous blue and vivid green silk set for 1L each! For some reason I like the dirty ones the most though. I hope that's not indicative of anything.
There's a couple other dollarbies in Staccato's marketplace store too, so check it out and nab em for yourself!

Here's a black silks dress ensemble I sortof mentioned the other day that I also saw on the marketplace ~

Silks Dress ~ YESS Designs ~ Dark Mysterious (0L)
Feet ~ Mayden Couture ~Profile Pick Gift (0L)
Hair ~ MAGIKA ~ Delora, Brown (0L)
Nails ~ [Virtual/Insanity] ~ Basic Nails & Rings (Current Subscribo gift, 0L)
Necklace ~ Mariposa ~ Triptych (Notfree)
Location ~ Stone Misery
Looking at it now, that's a terrible picture for that outfit. It's got a pretty belt and skirt and I just made it disappear. Oh well!

Yum, delicious freebies!
I've got some more to post, but I think I want to sleep. So stay tuned for a Part Deux on more marketplace freebies to spice up your SL Fantasy life!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Holypoop, don't know how I missed this one, but I'm glad I didn't miss all of it.

From Dec 18th to the 31st, Chaospire is having a 50% off sale on EVERYTHING in their store! In world and on the marketplace ~

Chaospire has been around forever, and has a lot of amazing and unique designs in a few fantasy genres. They seemed to be on a bit of a hiatus as far as new designs went for a couple years there, but it looks like they've been picking up with a number of gorgeous new releases lately! So if you haven't been there in a while, now's the perfect time to go re-check them out. And if you've never been there before... then you definitely need to drop in. Now. That was a command.

YAAAY! Me and CROON <33 being excited at Chaospire!
This entire store will be my Christmas/birthday present to myself, I think!
Huge thanks to Chaospire for first inspiring me to turn to fantasy in SL, and for offering us this awesome holiday sale now. <3