Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Freebies (shittons!) ~ Fun at the MARKETPLACE!

I was browsing through the marketplace for freebies the other day, and found a few fantasy related ones I had to share. Some of these might be old news; but if some where new to me, then hopefully some will be new to you too!

Arrgh, alpha prims... must... die...!!
Cloak ~ Staccato Strom (SS) ~ Master's Cloak (1L)
Belt ~ Staccato Strom (SS) ~ Master's Belt (1L)
Boots ~ Duh! ~ Pirate Boots, black (0L - Men's flat or women's heeled in lotsa colors!)
Hair ~ Analog Dog ~ AD Hairbase, brown (0L)
Eyepatch ~ Port Obello ~ Pirate Eye Patch (0L)
X Pasties ~ Canimal ~ (part of) T0RN (0L)
Eye Scar ~ Overt ~ (notfree)
Corset & Pants ~ Chaospire ~ Black Rose (Notfree, but half off this month!)

Note! CANIMAL is closing soon, and all the store is currently 50L and under, along with their old table of freebies you'll find T0RN at. They're more emopunk than fantasy, lol, but still. They were the first store I ran into after joining, besides the freebie dungeons. :'(
Both the belt and cloak are free from the marketplace store by SS! That was an awesome find, and Staccato Strom has a lot of other dollarbies too! One of which is the dirty silks set: ~

Silks ~ Staccato Strom (SS) ~ Dirty Silks (1L)
Feet (not including rope anklets) ~ Mayden Couture ~Profile Pick Gift (0L)
Rope accessories ~ BINA ~ (part of) Flaminium (Store gone! :(! )
Hair ~ Maitreya ~ Yasmin, Caramel (notfree)
My house furnishings ~ No idea.

These dirty, dirty silks are actually very awesomely made, and well worth the whole one linden. AND they're not the set you can steal! There's also a gorgeous blue and vivid green silk set for 1L each! For some reason I like the dirty ones the most though. I hope that's not indicative of anything.
There's a couple other dollarbies in Staccato's marketplace store too, so check it out and nab em for yourself!

Here's a black silks dress ensemble I sortof mentioned the other day that I also saw on the marketplace ~

Silks Dress ~ YESS Designs ~ Dark Mysterious (0L)
Feet ~ Mayden Couture ~Profile Pick Gift (0L)
Hair ~ MAGIKA ~ Delora, Brown (0L)
Nails ~ [Virtual/Insanity] ~ Basic Nails & Rings (Current Subscribo gift, 0L)
Necklace ~ Mariposa ~ Triptych (Notfree)
Location ~ Stone Misery
Looking at it now, that's a terrible picture for that outfit. It's got a pretty belt and skirt and I just made it disappear. Oh well!

Yum, delicious freebies!
I've got some more to post, but I think I want to sleep. So stay tuned for a Part Deux on more marketplace freebies to spice up your SL Fantasy life!


  1. Awww this post made me miss Bina. XD And only you Lorra can go from pirate to wench so quickly and still make it awesome. <3

  2. Awww. xD <3 Stoppit, yer makin me blush!
    I know, this post made me miss bina too. Weren't they supposed to be on the marketplace after closing? Because they're not. D';