About ~ FAQ ~

This blog is dedicated to my favorite things in Second Life - Fantasy and Roleplay. Mostly the fashion aspect.
Posts will generally be in two categories: Freebies & Cheapies, and once I get going, Store Reveiws.

    Q~ What genres of fantasy will MLF be focusing on?
    A~ Good question!
            ~ Basic D&D-esque Fantasy
            ~ Disney-esque Fairies & Misc Fantasy
            ~ Gorean
            ~ Medieval
            ~ & Bits of Noir and Scifi and Pirates and who knows.

    Q~ What's the difference between Fantasy and Roleplay?
    A~ Fantasy is anything supernatural, not normal today, imaginary, etc. Roleplay is just play-acting, and it can be anything. People can dress in fantasy gear without roleplaying, and people can roleplay non-fantasy environments like an urban block. I'll be blogging most fantasy gear I can find, but not all roleplay related finds.

    Q~ What skins are you using? You never credit them D:
    A~ It's cause it's always the same skin, Moonbeam Dark June Doe by Curio. I'll probably never change it, unless she makes something even better, with more options. :D *hinthintwinkwink*

    Q~ Are your pictures edited? Why?
    A~ Nope, no editing. I love artsy pictures, but A) I'm too lazy and B) I don't wanted to focus on capturing the game and the beauty of the items and the sims. Also! There's a fine line between art, and frustratingly-false advertising! I DO, however, use better than normal settings, which may result in a few differences between my pics and what you see in game.

    Q~ What are your graphic and windlight settings?
    A~ My graphics are set between mid and high. However, I did splurge on a good graphic card and other pieces of computer equipment recently, and so I also often have enabled: Basic Shaders; sometimes Atmospheric Shaders; sometimes Shadows (V2: Ctrl+alt+Q ~ Rendering ~ check Framebuffer Objects, Lighting and Shadows, and stuff under that); Water Reflections on everything; and super maximum object mesh detail. (V2: Go to advanced menu ~ Ctrl+alt+D ~ go to debug settings ~ type "rendervolumeload" ~ type in 4.0 to 8.0)
    As far as windlights - I don't mess around with them a lot, but I do use a couple settings that aren't part of the system options, which you find/download here:
            ~ Juicy Bomb's Beautiful Facelight-free Tutorial
            ~ Torley's Windlight Settings