Monday, January 03, 2011

Blog closing. :(

The New Year has come!
Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for my online social and gaming life, the new year has brought with it a third job that I was not expecting. Yay for my wallet! I've also inherited a few other real life responsibilities that'll keep me tied up for a while. I've noticed in the last few days that I'm not really able to balance my new work load, new family obligations, gaming, second life, and sleeping. So one of the things I'm cutting is some second life time and this blog. Fortunately it hasn't been up for too long, so there shouldn't be lots of people disappointed!

If you stumble here later on looking for fantasy and roleplay fashion and freebies, here's some quick freebie advice:
  • Browse The Directory!
    • In addition to being quality fantasy apparel stores, most of these have freebies, hunts, group gifts and/or lucky chairs!
  • Explore a Lot! 
    • Do an inrealm search for your favorite roleplay scenario, or fashion style! Sims have free gear as often as stores. The best things to find store-wise are Malls, so you can browse lots of usually related stores at once!
    • Do a marketplace search on "Elven" or "Gorean" or what have you, and find stores you might've never seen in world, or even stores that aren't in world yet!
    • Save landmarks of good stores, or places with lucky chairs to revisit, in a special "fantasy store" or "freebies" folder so you can find them easily again, and for sharing with friends!
  • Visit blogs!
    • There's some fantasy blogs listed to the left, and those blogs will have links to more blogs which'll have links to more blogs! Also, not usually fantasy, but the best blog resource for freebies/cheapies is this blog feed which lists, I think, every freebie/cheapie SL blog on the internet: SL Freebeis Cheapies Luckchairs & Hunts!
  • Join Store Subos & Groups!
    • If you find a great store that you'd buy lotsa stuff from if you could, join their subscribo. If they have an in world group that gives exclusive gifts or discounts, join that instead. (And leave the subscribos for stores you will never visit again! No point in IM capping yourself with spam)
    • Even if it's a free-to-join group, don't leave it to bounce around! Great stores often change to having an enrollment fee, which is fair if they're giving away awesome gifts. If you're full on groups, keep the ones you most want to hear updates from and get gifts from, and ditch the ones you are least likely to visit or buy from. Hopefully LL will give us 40 groups instead of 25 soon!

Good luck and have fun with your fun and fantasies, in realm or out of it!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Cheapies & Freebies ~ Mystic Sky Sale and LOTSA Lucky Gifts!

Scroll down for the freebies from DEVIANCE, Pheonix Design & Firefall, and MYSTICHOPE!
First though, news on a quick little sale at ~Mystic Sky~ till January 5th! All blue, white, and silver items will be 50% off! Here's a little taste of what's waiting for you there ~

Does every fantasy store have a version of the Mord Sith? notcomplainin
~Mystic Sky~ also updated their Lucky Chair! If you have the patience, you can win Raven in blue for free: ~

The chair changes letters every 10 minutes. Goodluck!

(un)Lucky chairs/boards/mushrooms/santas are one of the richest sources for freebies in SL. Besides the prolific hunts.
And really, who doesn't sit still for large amounts of time doing something or another? I bet you do at least one of these things on a regular basis:
  • Sit and hang with friends
  • Sit and watch movie/shows
  • Sit and read/write/draw/create
  • Sort through your inventory and make outfits
Soo... why not park your avi somewhere you can win FREE STUFF?
I like to sit at a lucky-thing and read or write while waiting, so that I can add to my fantasies and roleplays with ideas and stories, but also add to it with new clothes and accessories!

* Deviance *

Here we've got one chair on a mercifully short 5 minute timer! Four items on the chair, three of which are fantasy related ~

It didn't take me long to win everything on the chair. And boy, are those outfits yummy.

Also nearby, there's an apple bob (Lucky Dip)! You can try it once every three minutes while waiting for the letter to turn on the lucky chair. There's a few nice prizes you can win, including the gorgeous Blue Bell ~

And don't forget to hit the subscribo, and grab the two freebies under it!


Phoenix Design & Firefall

Over at Phoenix and Firefall you'll find a few lucky chairs too. There's two chairs from Phoenix set on 10 minute timers, and two from Firefall on 20 minute timers. There's a few accessory sets, outfits, eyes, and even a motorcycle on the chairs. Here's some of the fantasy-related prizes:

There's also an MM in the back ~ that honestly, I haven't seen locked in months since it hasn't changed in a while and everyone's gotten it, but would be well worth the fight! ~ and a room with some freebies, namely some jewelry!


MysticHope Design

There's three chairs here - one with men's outfits, one with women's, and one with fantasy eyes. The outfit chairs are 20 minute timers, the eyes 10 minutes. There's six outfits in each chair in a few colors each, totaling to about 24 outfits in the men's chair and even more in the women's. Here's just a few of the prizes: ~

One of my favorite outfits for a while came from camping here - the men's leave in green that I posted here. The green Leave outfit isn't in the male chair this time around, but it is in WHITE!
Also, by the chairs is a freebie box with the soullight outfit in white for girls and boys to pick up.


If you're new to lucky chair camping, here's some honest helpful hints:
~ Bring something to do! Stay busy, and don't leave the lucky chairboardsanta until you win something. ~
~ Join a lucky chair or game calling group, to help speed the chair to your letter and prize!
~ Be patient, and don't even think about whining! Be a man!
~ Always be courteous to others camping. Fellow campers make great friends, and formidable enemies.
~ Turn down your graphics when there's competition, and learn to click fast!
~ If someone with your letter is there first, let them have it and go camp somewhere else for now.
Play nice, and have fun!