Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Freebies ~ Fun at the MARKETPLACE Part 2!

As promised, here's more of my fantasy finds on the marketplace. First up is a delicious set of men's (oooh!) silks!

Outfit ~ ARIMAN ~ Promo Silks, white (5L)
Feet ~ Mayden Couture ~Profile Pick Gift (0L)
Collar ~ OpenCollar ~ Plain Collar (0L - all styles, all scripted, are free)
Eyes ~ Ibanez Eyes ~ Soft Glow, Chione Light, prim (0L - christmas gift @ Evie's Closet that's still up! GO QUICK)
Hair ~ MADesigns Hair ~ Cruz CP II (Previous group gift, notfree now)
Location ~ Elven Tower that's FREE from House of Alcott!

I'm strongly opposed to making myself a men's set of skin and shapes and whatnots, so you'll just have to deal with me cross-dressing! But isn't that outfit stunning? There's also a girl's freebie sold by ARIMAN, which looks similar but is less bulky and blue. Grab that here. In fact, ARIMAN has a lot of nice silks, all nicely priced. I hope they get an inworld store open soon! Digging through the marketplace has been fun, but it doesn't compare to in world exploring.

As for the gorgeous boy hair, it's not free anymore... but in addition to a hunt or two always running at KMADD, you can also grab other gorgeous free hair and eyes by them at FabFree's headquarters

Kilt ~ MANIAC Mainstore ~ Crusher Kilt (0L)
Bow ~ <SS> Sandy Sage ~ Left Handed Recurve Bow (0L)
Eye Scar ~ Overt ~ (notfree)
Arm belts ~ Firefall ~ (part of) Robin Outfit (past lucky chair gift, notfree)
Bangles ~ Wasabi Pills ~ Lux Bracelets (Past hunt gift, notfreenow)
Necklace ~ Caverna Obscura ~ (part of) Mushroom Dress (Past lucky board gift, notfree)
Shoulder/Arm armor ~ May's Soul ~ (part of) Warrior Girl (Past MM gift, notfree)
Hair ~ MADesigns Hair ~ Mark RD I (Past hunt gift, notfree)
Ears ~ Plastik ~ Animalistic, Plain (Notfree)

I found this awesome kilt on the marketplace, and it led me to a pretty cool store on the grid that has a lucky chair and a couple MMs to hit up.
The bow is AWESOME and FREE! I didn't know where I'd gotten it, and spent almost an hour going in circles on the grid until it occurred to me to check the marketplace. I'm glad I did - because Sandy Sage has a couple other free RP weapons!

Sorry, a lot of that other stuff isn't free anymore. :(!
However! May's Soul, Phoenix & Firefall, Caverna Obscura, and MADesigns all have lots of gifts still available like those ones. May's Soul has four lucky boards and two camps and an Midnight Mania board for different fashionably gorean outfits; Phoenix & Firefall have four lucky chairs and an MM for fantasy outfits and accessories; Caverna Obscura has two group lucky boards (free for customers to join) for fantasy outfits; and of course MADesigns has lots of hunts and a free gift at the FabFree headquarters.

Camisk ~ SKE Design ~ Free Camisk Pack (1L)
Collar ~ OpenCollar ~ Plain Collar (0L - all styles, all scripted, are free)
Hair ~ Truth ~ Janelle (Notfree)

And here we have one of a pack of four cute camisks for nearly-free on the market! The color above is darkred. There's a modest bra and panty layer included for the squeamish, like me.

That's not all! Well, that's all for the pictures, but here's some links to a couple more freebs not pictured in the last couple posts.

~ 1L Blue Silks ~
~ 1L Green Silks ~
~ 5L Blue Silks ~
~ Free MEN'S Yellow Silks ~
~ Free Red Christmas Silks ~
~ Free Black & Gray Silks ~
~ Free White Silks ~
~ Free Blue Silks ~

I much prefer running around in world, but the marketplace is undoubtedly an awesome resource. There's a lot of creators that can't afford numerous outlet stores and advertising, or even one store, and I know a lot of places I would never have found if it weren't for the marketplace.
A huge thanks to these creators for putting their goods out there for us, especially for free!

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