Friday, December 31, 2010

Freebies ~ The Benefits of Exploring = FREE STUFF!

WOO Happy New Year, folks! Today I bring you some cool random freebies I found while exploring, looking for more fantasy RP stores for myself and The Directory. I think at this point, every store in the grid has a freebie or two, and the fantasy realm is no exception!

Dress & Wings ~ Simply Fae ~ Nim Fairy Dress (0L)
Hair ~ Exile ~ Artemis, Angel Dust (Christmas gift, still there! 0L)
Hair Wreath ~ Simply Fae ~ Autumn Hairwreath & Hairband (0L)
Makeup ~ Skinthesis ~ Eyeshadow (minipack) (25L)
Ivy Accessories ~ *~*Illusions*~* ~ Hedera Vine Silks (NOTfree)
Location ~ Oubliette

Dress ~ Junbug ~ Skylar (Monthly gift, 0L)
Hair ~ Exile (sold @ Savoir Hair) ~ Susan, Coffee (0L)
Scarf ~ Gor Gurls ~ (part of) Gor Gets Dark, violet (Lucky Chair, 0L)

This is how this outfit would look if it were steampunk.
This free dress from Junbug would be cute with some torn accessories for a she-urt, or a happy and cute but dirty peasant. However, when I saw it, my first thought was cute steampunk. Moar oil stains and metal! Unfortunately, when I dug through my inventory for bronze gears accessories and things, there was literally nothing. I fail, I'm sorry!

To make up for that, here is a picture of a pretty free dress.

Dress ~ *M* ~ Lady in Waiting (0L)
Hair ~ *ARGRACE* ~ Moonlight, platinum (Christmas Group gift, still available! 0L)

Woo! I would encourage everyone to go out and explore, because these are the types of things you can find. What better way to contribute to your roleplay fantasies than to glean free items while you explore new environments and sims and glean ideas?

See you next year! Harharhar~

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